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With the SWFStore website, you will be able to upload and host your flash and image files completly free. From your account you will be able to see all your flash files and edit the name of them or delete them from your account. Images and lash files hosted on your account also come with the direct link, html code and BBcode so you can share them on websites or use them as forum signatures. This service is provided free of charge however we may be bringing in premium memberships soon.

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pictureDaniel Carlyon
I am a 23 year old SEO Programmer for Click Consult. I have been coding websites for approximately 5 years and coding facebook apps for over 3 years. I enjoy what i do and despite not learning anything about computers or websites in schools or university i ahev grown to love coding, with nothing but a few books and the internet i have taught myself everything i know about computers and websites, and now, i get paid for doing what i love.


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Supported Files:

Flash Files

Currently, SWF is the dominant format for displaying "animated" vector graphics on the Web. It may also be used for programs, commonly browser games, using ActionScript. SWF files can be generated from within several Adobe products: Flash, Flash Builder and After Effects. One common use for swf files are animated forum signatures or signatures that play music when you mouse over them.

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Image Files

Images images images some random content about images

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Zip Archives

Not Currently avaiable but is in the pipeline.

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About SWFStore

SWFStore was set up by one man, that man was Daniel Carlyon.

SWFStore came around originally as a location for friends of mine to upload and hsot their flash files for forum signatures but with the help of search engines and a ga in the market SWFStore has become more and more popular. The website up until now has always been free and has recently gone through a massive makover to the website you see today.

I hope you find this site useful and if you have any problems or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me with them. If you get the chance why not find my software and apps on facebook and pass on your thoughts.

Kind Regards

Daniel Carlyon